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Haunted House Adventures

You are going into a haunted house. There are two entrances. If you want to go into the front entrance, turn to paragraph 1. If you want to go into the back entrance, turn to paragraph 2.

1. As you open the door a bucket of slime falls on you. It starts to eat you. If you run, turn to paragraph 3. If you stay, turn to paragraph 4.

2. As you open the door, millions of ghosts jump out at you. If you stay and say nothing, turn to paragraph 5. If you try to talk to them, turn to paragraph 6. If you run, turn to paragraph 7.

3. You run and run. You get tired. You come to a long staircase. If you rest, go to paragraph 8. If you go down it, paragraph 9. If you stay there, paragraph 10.

4. You stay there and the slime tells you it is going to kill you. You now don't have one arm and any hair. If you still want to stay, paragraph 11. If you talk to it, paragraph 12. If you run, paragraph 3.

5. They start to make you sic. They hypnotize you and make you tell them who you are. You say your name is Ricky Marine and you live at 1600 East Street. You say your occupation is author and illustrator of children's books. You come out of it and remember nothing. If you ask them what happened, paragraph 13. If you just go on, paragraph 14.

6. You talk to them and they tell you to get out of thier house because it is thier burial ground. If you stay there, turn to paragraph 15. If you get out, turn to paragraph 16.

7. You run and they zap you you are paralyzed and can't move you starve to death.

8. You stop to rest and an old woman with a 44 rifle comes along. She sees you and raises the gun. She is about to shoot you. If you try to shoot her first, turn to paragraph 17. If you try to talk to her, turn to paragraph 18.

9. You start to go down the stairs but in the middle of it there is a large box that is green with the pirate sign on it. If you ignore it, turn to paragraph 19. If you open it, turn to paragraph 20.

10. You stay there and starve to death.

11. It eats all ofyou and it laughs a hardy laugh.

12. You try to talk to it and it says tough luck. Turn to paragraph 21.

13. They say they asked you waht your name was and all about you. You get very upset and say you really weren't into it and you lied because your real name is Rick Marine. They don't believe you because that is what you said under hypnosis. They kill you.

14. You go on to. Turn to paragraph 3.

15. You stay there and they get mad, so they chase you out. Turn to paragraph Begin.

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