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January 19, 1981

Me In the Year 2000

I died in the year 1989 when I was 19, so now I am looking over the world. I died on Halloween as a teacher because I didn't give a Halloween party.

I am looking over the world now. There are no more schools. Computers are the teachers. America has taken over Russia. There are only 3 more Communist countries. They still have high gas costs and only 1 car to a square mile. Now the gas prices are in America 10 cents a gallon. Gold is 50 dollars an ounce. Silver in $10 an ounce. We live in green houses and sit on purple chairs. We all have bubble houses and we have visited Mars and Pluto. Cars go at 500 miles per hour and at 50 you're honked at. Most speed limits are 250 miles per hous.

I'm looking down at my sister who is an ice skater and is in the Olympics. Oh, oh, she just won the gold medal! My brother James is a trillionaire because he is such a computer brain. My sister Dynette is married with Rob Reynolds. My brother Mark with Janette. My other one, Joe with Susan. Rob with Lenay. Ann isn't married yet. Becie is married to Rick. John is still on dates. James is married with Danette Neel. Emily with Brian Grove. Peter is 23 and went on a second mission where he is now.

My mom has 60 grandchildren. She is 70. My dad is 69.

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