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If you would like me to come visit your school, please contact me at the link above. I charge $750 for a full day visit, plus travel expenses. This includes a fairy tale workshop and 2 assemblies.

But if you are a local school or can find schools to combine my trip, I can do the fairy tale workshop alone for $250. I am also available on skype, where I will do a thirty minute quick session with an intro and questions and answers for free.

If you would like to do your own version of the fairy tale workshop or if you'd like to know exactly what I do in it, click here for a detailed description of what I do.

I can do a version of the fairy tale workshop for adults in a single session, if you are interested in having me come speak to teachers or writers. I also do talks on the following topics:

1. Following Your Dream

2. 50 Miles of Writing (on persistence in writing and running)

3. The Secrets of Revision

4. Closing the Door, or How to Set Boundaries and Find Time to Write

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