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My Summer Was No Vacation

The day after school let out my dad made the worst announcement in the world. He said, "From now on whatever amount of hours you went to school, add 4 hours onto it and that is how much work you can do for the family. And do as much work at home for school as you go to school." In other words, out of school kids do 20 hours of work. High school kids do 16 hours of work. Junior high kids do 14 hours of work. And elementary school kids do 12 hours of work.

So mumbling, I got up every morning to do my 12 hours of work. But hopefully in a few days all the work that could be done was done. As soon as I hoped that time came and my dad said, "OK, you may watch the bible tube now."

But in a week, he got us on the job again. And so it went every other week we did the work and the other weeks we played.

Finally school came and I am glad.

The End

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