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"[P]owerful, surprising, moving, and deep. . . The Princess and the Hound is a classic. It defies rules and formulas. It does nothing in the way that other fantasies have taught us to expect. Yet every rule-defying decision by Harrison is exactly right, leading to a breathtakingly right ending."
Orson Scott Card [To read Card's complete review, click here]

"Like a tale spun out over many winter evenings."

"The tale's perspective from that of the marriageable prince, not the more usual damsel's view, makes this stand out from other novels set in a folklore framework."

"With the language and feeling of a fairy tale, Harrison tells the story of . . . a likeable hero, a nuanced character who is sensitive to the needs of others while he is also trying to be strong and brave. Well-written and intriguing. Harrison has a PhD in Germanic literature and her intelligence and love of language shine throughout."

"What I loved about the book was not so much the retelling aspect . . . but the idea of the secrets we keep, and when it is necessary to disclose them. . . . [T]he world of Harrison's novel is one where such secrets may bring about persecution and death. . . I think a lot of teens will relate it to high school."
Alex Flinn

"Harrison's writing style is most evocative of Robin McKinley but still all her own. Readers of fantasy, animal stories and subtle romances will enjoy this novel and hope for more from this skilled author. Fans of Robin McKinley, Patricia McKillip, Franny Billingsley, Cornelia Funke and Sherwood Smith should add this to their "must" be read list.
Heidi Anne Heiner, SurlaLune Fairy Tales

"Haunting. A handsome prince, a beautiful princess, an unusual hound, two secrets, dangerous enemies - this book has all the elements of a classic tale. This is Beauty and the Beast with several unique twists. Readers will admire the courage of the Prince and his intended bride. And who is the beast? The answer will surprise you."
The Toledo Blade

"Not since Tale of Desperaux have I opened a book and wanted to read aloud so much. In her prologue Mette Ivie Harrison evoked exactly the tone and voice of a classic fairy tale in the oral tradition. . ."

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