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The Great Car

I am the great car. I am great, but now I am in jail so I geuss I'm not so great this is how it happened one day I was riding with my master we saw a police man my master flew away and the police man caught a glimjce and now the police kept watch for me and my maste one day my master asked me to give this to his mother the police aught me and brought me to car jail and that is how my master got in jail.

The Great Man

the man got a new car but the police caught him this is how. he thought it was safe but the police man saw him good and it was at the park. he found the new car and saw my master was having a picnic with his wife. the police man said see here I caught you speeding at 100 in a 50 mile zone. but-but said my master but what said the police man and took him to jail.

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